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Member Requirements:
Any Claims Manager, Adjuster (independent or staff), Investigator, Appraiser, Attorney, or other person who is actively engaged in the handling or adjustment of claims on behalf of insurance companies, government agencies, risk retention associations or self-insurers is eligible for membership.

An attorney, to qualify for membership under this provision, must establish that the majority of his or her practice involves defense for insurance companies, government agencies, risk retention associations or self-insurers.

$25 Per Year

Associate Member Requirements:
Vendors, contractors, investigators, agents and other persons associated with insurance and claims handling who are not attorneys or adjusters may apply for associate membership, hence referred to as “Associate Members”.  Eligibility for associate membership shall be predicated by a minimum of 50% of his/her/their business involving insurance claims on either the first party side or defense.  Acceptance into membership shall follow the same procedures as Members outlined in Section 2.  Associate Members may attend and participate in all events sponsored by the Association.

$50 Per Year

2022 Member Dues

$25 for adjusters and attorneys ONLY

2022 Associate Member Dues

$50 for all other members/vendors


Boise Association of Insurance Adjusters, Inc.
Kevin Durfee, 2023 President                    (208) 898-3519

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